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Organisation of the PRUF

The PRUF is managed by a board of directors consisting of two full professors of law and political science. In addition to the two directors, four other scientific staff members work at the institute. Furthermore, there are multiple student assistants and a secretary working at the institute. Further academic staff and assistants are financed by third-party funded projects.

In the interest of dovetailing with social groups and the scientific community the institute also has a Board of Trustees with a largely fixed staffing level, which on the one hand aims to evaluate the institute, but also serves as a contact and multiplier for the institute in context of its basic research and its policy advice activities.

For PRUF international cooperation is key. The development of foreign experience in the legal regulation of the political process is indispensable for scientific purposes, but also for legal policy advice. In addition, with the development of a party system at European level, there is a further factual focus which deserves systematic attention and which, by its nature, can only be dealt with in cooperation with representatives from other Member States of the European Union. The institute has an extended network of scientific partners with whom shared projects are realised and which make information in other countries accessible.

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