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Party-Interest Group Relationships in Contemporary Democracies: Character, Causes and Consequences (PAIRDEM)

The international comparative study is coordinated by Prof. Allern, Oslo, and investigates the linkage between political parties and interest groups in modern democracies. The central focus of the study is the influence of interest groups on the policy formulation of political parties and the general structure of cooperation between parties and interest groups.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council's funding scheme for independent projects, in the category "Young Research Talents", co-financed by the University of Oslo/UiO, Faculty of Social Sciences & Department of Political Science. In May 2019, a large final conference took place in Oslo, where the working group discussed numerous publications in progress.

Cooperation partners: Elin Allern (Oslo), Tim Bale (London), Vibeke Wøien Hansen (Oslo); Heike Klüver (Berlin); David Marshall (Reading); Simon Otjes (Leiden); Thomas Poguntke (Düsseldorf); Anne Rasmussen (Copenhagen); Sabine Saurugger (Grenoble); Paul Webb (Sussex); Christopher Witko (South Carolina).


The project runs from Autumn 2014 to Winter 2020 and is financed by the Research Council of Norway together with the University of Oslo.

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