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Governance by law and social institutions in Eastern Europe

Since 2007, the Metro Foundation has been funding a research project on "governance by law and social institutions in Eastern Europe". The project, supervised by Prof. Dr. Sabine Kropp (now Chair of German Politics at Freie Universität Berlin ) and PRuF Director Prof. Dr. Thomas Poguntke, compares various public policies (environmental impact assessment, regulation of ethnic conflicts and social policy) across the Russian regions. The researchers analyzed whether and how societal problems are solved through horizontal negotiation networks between government, business and civil society. The team focused upon the interactions of hierarchical (command and control) and horizontal governance (negotiations), and factors contributing to or challenging horizontal governance.

Following the completion of the Ph.D. theses, the team is concluding the project with a summary and publication of research results as well as an international conference on “Governance and Corporate Responsibility in Russia". The conference focuses on corporate responsibility challenges that companies face in contemporary Russia. At its core lies the cooperation amongst actors within the state, business and civil society, and the need for modern societies to practice horizontal governance in order to address contemporary societal challenges. Horizontal negotiations with business and society provide the state with relevant information. It thus raises state capacity to develop solutions tailored to policy challenges and increases the output legitimacy of political decisions. In order to render business operations more environmentally and socially responsible, multinationals, such as retailers, banks and investment funds, promote responsiveness towards stakeholders along their supply chains. Internationally recognized corporate responsibility standards (e.g. Equator Principles, AA 1000, ISO 26000), therefore, also apply to companies in Russia.

The conference facilitates an interdisciplinary exchange of expertise between academics and practitioners from business, state and civil society. It promotes cooperation between the Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf and its partners from Moscow and St. Petersburg State Universities and strengthens ties to the city of Dusseldorf and its businesses.


Funding: Metro Foundation

Grant sum: 210.000 €

Duration: 2007-2015

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