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DAAD - Germany-Ukraine Workshop

DAAD - Germany-Ukraine Workshop

Taking place regularly, the DAAD funded Germany-Ukraine seminar promotes research and deliberation on democracy and democratisation through dialogue. Assuming a global interdisciplinary approach it goes beyond individual fields of research. Bringing together researchers and students from different strands of research provides for fruitful exchanges and atmosphere.Together, participants join in leasrure activities broadening the network and develping conncetions beyond the seminar. 


PRuF meets Kiev Mohyla Academy

Internal Democracy within Parties and Citizen Movements – An Interdisciplinary Study

In a joint seminar held by the Party Research Institute (PRuF) and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla- Academy (NaUKMA) between the 25th and 31st of May the participants discussed matters of internal party democracy and the role of protest movements for social advancement. Organized by Düsseldorf's research assistant Ewgenij Sokolov and chaired by the PRuF-Directors Prof. Dr. Thomas Poguntke and Prof. Dr. Martin Morlok as well as Prof. Dr. Andriy Meleshevich, students and academics from Ukraine, England, Spain contributed to the seminar. Among the contributors were also Dr. Fernando Bertoa Casal, Nottingham, Prof. Dr. Mychailo Wynnicky, Kiew, Prof. Dr. Julian Krüper, Bochum, Prof. Dr. Richard Sakwa, Kent. Ukraine's latest political developments and the Maidan movement were guiding motifs of the debates and ignited in-depth discussions of various issues of comparative political science. The conference was sponsored by the German DAAD and has in previous years twice been hosted by the PRuF. Particularly impressive and exciting was the visit of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, where the participants were warmly welcomed by three constitutional judges and had the opportunity to interact. See also http://www.ccu.gov.ua/ru/publish/article/247890.

Seminar - “Political Systems, Ideologies and Corruption – An Interdisciplinary Study“ - 24th - 29th June 2013

Between the 24th and 29th of June 2013, the Party Research Institute Düsseldorf (PRuF) hosted the event „Political Systems, Ideologies and Corruption – An Interdisciplinary Study“, a seminar supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). During this seminar, Ukrainian students of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) met with students of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and members of the PRuF in order to discuss topics relevant for the theory of democracy and to develop possible solutions for problems in both countries in a comparative perspective.

The different subjects were divided into panels and presented by both students and scientists. Each panel was followed by a very lively and notably demanding debate in terms of content. Within these debates both sides showed curiosity and great interest in political processes and mechanisms concerning the opposite country, as well as in inhabitant’s perceptions and perspectives. The fact that the participants were specialized in different fields – social sciences, politics, law and sociology – turned out to be especially beneficial. As such an interdisciplinary cooperation is rarely possible, it allowed for considerations to become very productive.

Further noteworthy was the serious but nonetheless pleasant working atmosphere. It resulted not least from joint leisure activities, such as the visit of the federal state parliament where the group was given a guided tour by a Member of Parliament and his office manager. Here, scientists and students could socialize as well as exchange views and experiences in an informal atmosphere.

The successful cooperation with the Ukraine and especially with the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy will be continued. The PRuF is looking forward to PhD applicants from the Ukraine and to further collaborative projects.

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