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Ankündigung: Political Parties and the Crisis of Democracy erscheint im Juni

Im Juni wird der Sammelband „Political Parties and the Crisis of Democracy“ von Co-Direktor Prof. Dr. Thomas Poguntke und Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister bei Oxford University Press erscheinen.

Aus der Verlagsankündigung:

Political Parties and the Crisis of Democracy asks how parties contribute to the consolidation of democracy, why they fail today, why new parties emerge and displace old parties, and also what parties need to do in order to survive cutthroat competition, above all with a new (and sometimes not so new) variants of populist parties.

It takes a unique global focus, covering old and new democracies in different regions of the world. It covers Western and Central Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa, Turkey and Israel, including presidential, semi-presidential, and parliamentary democracies and also some countries where democracy is seriously threatened or eroding.

This volume offers unique comparative perspectives combined with a detailed analysis of individual countries and their party systems. It shows that parties are central actors for the consolidation of democracy, but that organisational reforms are necessary to cope with social change such as individualisation, the decline in party membership and the impact of new media and modern communication, thus counteracting the fragmentation of party systems and the decay of democracy.


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